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High-performance resin reduces noise
- Jun 28, 2018 -

A wheel barrow (barrow; hand truck) is a moving vehicle that is pushed and pulled by humans and is the ancestor of all vehicles. Although the material handling technology of the trolley has been continuously developed, the trolley is still used as an indispensable carrying tool. The trolley is widely used in production and life because it is low in cost, simple in maintenance, convenient in operation, and light in weight. It can work in a place where the motor vehicle is inconvenient to use, and is convenient when handling lighter items at a short distance.

Trolley has unicycle, two rounds, three rounds and four rounds. Wheelbarrows can be found in narrow springboards, bridges and gut trails

When you are on the road, you can turn in place and dump the cargo is very convenient. Commonly used two-wheeled vehicles have hand-carrying vans (also known as Tiger cars) carrying articles into pieces, rack trucks, and bucket carts for handling bulk materials. One of the three-wheeled carts and two of the four-wheeled carts have two swivel castors that can pivot about a vertical axis. This kind of swivel caster can automatically adjust to the direction of minimum running resistance as the direction of motion of the vehicle changes during operation.

In the world, the application of carts is very extensive. In general, in North America, carts are used in gardens in many countries in North America. African carts are used in more mines, while the Middle East countries use more buildings, and the cart manufacturing base in Jiaonan, Qingdao, China is the most famous. , For many years, we have been serving trolley users all over the world. Anti-static trolleys are suitable for semiconductors, ICs, foods, bio-pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and various clean room work areas for storing goods. Anti-static system resistance: 10 6th power ~ 10 9th power Ω.

The structure of the mute trolley has the following features:

1. The mute trolley cart is made of special resin material or cold-rolled steel plate, which is strong and durable.

2. Anti-slip rubber heads are attached to plastic plates, and anti-slip rubber mats are attached to the surface of steel plates.

3, mute casters casters, using high-performance resin, effectively reduce noise and driving force.

4, chrome-plated handles bright and bright, durable.

6, can be folded handles, you can maximize space savings.