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Small and sharp, easy to carry
- Jun 28, 2018 -

Sharps are instruments with sharp edges or pointed tips. Generally divided into four categories: (1) chop, heavy and large, easy to swing, and more formation of chop wounds, common ax, hatchet, sickle, bamboo knife and so on. (2) The cutter, small and sharp, easy to carry, generally forms a cut wound, common razors, fruit knives, blades, small kitchen knives and so on. (3) Thorn, small and sharp tip, easy to carry, usually form a thorn, a common dagger, fruit knife, pig knife, nails, needles and so on. (4) Scissors can be used for cutting and crushing. Commonly available are tailor shears, barber scissors, surgical scissors, metal scissors, and folding scissors.

Tools with sharp edges or (and) sharp tips are known as sharps. Sharps are mostly made of metal, but glass, bone, bamboo spear, and wood thorns that have the above characteristics are also sharp. The sharp device can cause different types of sharp injuries due to different ways or different ways of acting on the human body, such as cutting wounds, cutting, stab wounds, cutting wounds, sawing, etc., as well as composite forms of sharp instruments such as cutting. Cut wounds, thorn cut wounds, thorn shear wounds, shear wounds, etc.

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