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Strength, floatability, high temperature resistance
- Jun 28, 2018 -

Lifebuoy refers to a kind of water rescue equipment, usually made of cork, foam plastic or other lightweight materials with smaller specific gravity, and covered with canvas, plastic and so on. Lifebuoys for swimming exercises can also be made of rubber, filled with air, also known as rubber bands.

Lifebuoys are a major category of lifesaving equipment and are often used as essential safety protection products in water disaster relief and related production and management processes.

The main types of lifebuoy products in China include three kinds of polystyrene wrapped lifebuoys, polyurethane-polyethylene composite lifebuoys and crust-type polyethylene lifebuoys.

Due to uneven quality of life cycle products, different prices and different application ranges, the lifebuoy that meets the configuration requirements should be carefully selected for purchase [2].

(1) Qualified lifebuoy products shall have relevant material inspection reports, type test reports and ship-suppression inspection certificates.

2. The reference cost price of domestic qualified life ring products is: the buoy lifebuoy of polystyrene is about 55 yuan/piece, and the knot-type polyethylene lifebuoy is about 100 yuan/ton. Therefore, the lifebuoy that is too cheap is likely to be a product that cuts corners and should be carefully selected.

3. Under conditional conditions, the merchant is required to carry out necessary verification on project indicators such as the weight, seam quality, strength, floatability, high temperature resistance, and resistance to damage of the lifebuoy in accordance with the standards and specifications.