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Taking some first-aid measures will reduce the condition
- Jun 28, 2018 -

In daily life, we often encounter people with sudden onsets. Let us rush around, and some patients die because of untimely rescue. If we understand some first-aid common sense, taking some first-aid measures in time will reduce the condition and even earn valuable time for the medical staff to save the patient's life. First aid kits play an important role in rescuing.

First aid kits are divided into families, outdoor, automobiles, labor insurance, military police, hospitals, and disaster prevention. Mainly equipped with oxygen cylinders; aluminum plywood; sphygmomanometers; bandages and dressings; artificial respiratory membranes and other emergency products.

Easy to carry, rescue equipment, light and compact

First aid kit contents:

Flashlights, water, matches, compressed biscuits, time-keeping utensils (such as watches), band-aids, and communication tools are allowed.