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The frame is divided into two halves for easy storage
- Jun 28, 2018 -

We found that during the emergency treatment of patients in hospitals, due to the stretchers being too long, they are inconvenient when going up and down stairs, crossing corners, and entering elevators. This often affects the speed of transportation and may cause serious consequences.

In order to reduce the inconvenience of the stretcher during the delivery of the patient, we designed a foldable convenience stretcher. The stretcher is divided into four parts: a frame body, a fixed pull piece, a support frame and a wheel. Each frame consists of three steel tubes of different lengths and is assembled with a fixed pull-tab. Telescopic grooves are provided at both ends of the pull-tab to fold or open the stretcher to reduce the use of space. The ends of the frame body are equipped with pulleys. Speed up the transport speed; the lower part of the frame body is provided with four support frames, two fixed support frames and two movable support frames.

Two of the active support brackets are equipped with pulleys at the top for implementation when the stretcher is folded into a wheelchair. On a flat road surface, a fixed pull tab is stretched and the stretcher is opened. The purpose of rapid transport of the patient can be achieved by lifting or pushing it on a double platform. When the patient is struck up and down stairs or corners when the patient is stretched with a stretcher, the entire stretcher is folded through the expansion trough with a fixed pull tab, and the lower wheel is opened, and the stretcher becomes a wheelchair that can be lifted and pushed forward to continue rapid advancement. When storing such a stretcher, the two sleeves connecting the two sides of the frame can be disassembled and the frame is divided into two halves for easy storage.