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Anti-rust, Durable, Wear-resistant
- Jun 28, 2018 -

People who have been to the hospital all know that the hospital will place some benches in open areas. These are the office furniture of the hospital and therefore require rust-proof, durable, wear-resistant, and long service life.

Hospital furniture, this vocabulary is a new concept word that appeared in 2011 and is a standard word in the hospital furniture industry. It was subdivided due to market demand. Before the 1980s, the production of furniture for medical systems was not much different from the production of ordinary furniture. With the development of medical technology in the 20th century, people began to pay attention to the functionality of hospital furniture and the design of the hospital's indoor and outdoor space environment. At that time, the first concern for the development of hospital furniture was in Europe and the United States. Since the 1990s, the Chinese hospital furniture related industries began to appear. However, there are not many specialized hospital furniture companies in China that can fully consider the overall hospital hygiene process in line with the operating standards of medical personnel and design functional hospital furniture. In the overall hospital furniture design, designers must consider the habit of using hospital furniture between doctors and patients in addition to the chemical effects of drug-to-furniture contact.

Types of hospital furniture A hospital is often divided into four regions, outpatient areas, administrative areas, logistics areas, and inpatient departments. There are different functional areas in each of the four regions. For example, outpatient areas include waiting areas, emergency rooms, medical consultation areas, laboratories, and nurses' stations. The logistics department has offices, bathhouses, canteens, and other departments. . The furniture needed for each of the above areas is different. The furniture required by the hospital covers office furniture, civilian furniture, medical furniture and laboratory furniture.

Eight methods of medical furniture maintenance:

1, medical furniture should be placed in the air circulation. Relatively dry place, do not close to the fire or a damp wall, do not be exposed to the sun, often the sun will make metal parts easily oxidized deterioration.

2. The dust on the medical furniture should be gently wiped with a feather duster. Do not scrub with water as much as possible. If necessary, wipe with a damp, soft cloth. Do not scrub with alkaline water, soapy water, or detergent solution to avoid affecting the paint. Brightness or cause the surface paint to fall off.

3, cabinet medical furniture should be lifted off the ground when moving, do not hard pull hard push, so as not to loose leg or damage.

4, sofas, soft bed medical furniture should be placed in a dry place. To prevent internal springs from rusting and affecting the spring force.

5, do not put the table, acid, alkali corrosive substances, do not let go of water, aluminum pots, hot irons and so on.

6. The floor on which the medical furniture is placed must be kept evenly on the four legs, especially the chair, and attention should be paid to the uniform force of the four legs.

7, desktop stains can be treated with a soft cloth stained with oil stains, can be restored as bright as new, especially adhesive tape marks high viscosity, not easy to wipe, to stain oil is the best cleaning agent, but the skin is not good, should be avoided Long-term exposure.

8, if the drawer slide is not smooth, you can buy WD-40 lubricant spray rails at the hardware store. For example, if the drawer surface of the drawer cabinet is tilted, the cabinet body can be pressed down on the left and right sides by hand to restore the flatness of the drawer surface.