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Good Thermal Insulation Or Cold Insulation
- Jun 28, 2018 -

The emergency rescue blanket is a blanket, a large area, good thermal insulation or cold insulation properties, completely waterproof advantages, can fully meet the needs of field activities, as a tent ground cloth to prevent damp and cold contact with the body; as a tent cloth, Extra barriers can be provided in hot summers or cold winters. The silver coating reflects heat. In the hot summer sun, this layer of reflective film can be covered to keep the accounts cool. In the cold winter camp, the tent is covered. This reflective film can reflect back most of the heat emitted by the body and increase the temperature inside the tent.

1, waterproof;

2, to prevent hypothermia reactions;

3, the surface of the reflected light energy to make the target obvious, easy to rescue;

4. Effectively reflect sunlight and heat in hot climates to maintain body temperature;

5, space material design can maintain 90% of human body temperature;

6. Emergency auxiliary materials after accidents (vehicle standing emergency: it can be laid on the ground during maintenance, thus antifouling and waterproofing);

7, when the camping or picnic can be used as a mat, rain can be a raincoat.