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Low Noise, High Driving Stability
- Jun 28, 2018 -

An electric car (also called an electric car) is a vehicle that is powered by a vehicle-mounted power supply and is driven by a motor-driven wheel to meet the requirements of road traffic and safety regulations. Electric cars mainly refer to pure electric cars, which all use electric energy to drive. Such products have low noise, high driving stability, and zero emissions.

Electrical system: divided into two systems by function:

(1) Powertrain - batteries, motors, etc.

(2) Control and auxiliary systems - electronic controls, accelerators, switches, wiring harnesses, chargers, etc.

Among them, batteries are still mainly lead-acid batteries, and some vehicles or lithium ion batteries or iron-ion batteries may be installed because of customer requirements, but their relative prices are relatively expensive.

The power motor uses more DC series excitation motors, DC excitation motors, brushless motors, switched reluctance motors, and AC asynchronous motors, among which the DC series excitation motors and DC excitation motors are characterized by their low price and superior performance. Electric vehicles are widely used.

On electric vehicles, there are generally electromagnetic brake devices, which can use the control circuit of the drive motor to achieve the motor's power generation operation, so that the energy at the time of deceleration braking is converted into the current for charging the battery, so that it can be recycled. At present, domestic electric vehicles are used in high-power passenger cars to provide air brake equipment with endurance NAILI sliding air compressors, mainly compressed air braking.