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Safe And Stable, Easy To Operate
- Jun 28, 2018 -

Stretchers are an indispensable part of first aid. How can we make stretchers safer and more convenient? In the absence of protective measures for ordinary stretchers, there are potential safety hazards for patients on the way. People on both sides of the stretcher carts need to take care of them. In particular, patients with unclear consciousness, weak constitution, restlessness, etc. need to increase escort personnel to strengthen protection, even if There is a baffle on the ordinary stretcher, but the baffle can only act as a fall-preventing function against the patient. The limbs of the patient may touch the baffle and be injured. The simple safety stretcher has fixed straps on the upper and lower layers. The upper bottom strap can fix the patient's body and limbs on the stretcher board. The lower base strap fixes the entire safety stretcher on the stretcher cart. There is no danger of falling, and patients with frail, restless, unclear consciousness, etc., can play a fixed role in the body and body. Generally, they can be transported by a single person's cart without much escort. Therefore, the number of evacuees needed to use a stretcher is much lower than when using a common stretcher when the patient is out of the room.

According to practical experience, using an ordinary stretcher requires that the patient be moved to a stretcher board or moved from a stretcher board to a bed by lifting or lifting. It is better to move the patient to the stretcher board by assisting the patient to turn over. The feeling of movement is easy to coordinate and Labor saving. The use of a safety stretcher strap enables the patient to move from the stretcher board to the stretcher cart or from the stretcher to the stretcher board. The movement process is safe and smooth, and the operation is easy. The patient feels safe and comfortable. The use of straps in the delivery process ensures that the patient is safe in the middle of the journey, and can reduce and eliminate the worry of the escort's safety issues such as falling, insults and self-injury. It also reduces the psychological pressure and the number of escorts required. Can also be reduced accordingly.

The improved simple safety stretcher can not only play the role of the hard bed, but also can use the stretcher as a soft stretcher. The fixing belt is not only suitable for the protection of patients with unclear consciousness, agitation, and frailty, but also It is used to lift the grasping role of the patient; the stretcher and stretcher cover are two parts, which is conducive to the cleaning and disinfection of the safety stretcher; the patient is placed on the stretcher by turning over, without the operator picking up the patient or multiple persons. From now on, it is more convenient and labor-saving for the operator to improve the comfort of the patient; the materials and production are simple, and it is applied to the clinical economy and practicality, and it is worthy of promotion and application.