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Various Types Of Personnel Rescue Use
- Jun 28, 2018 -

1.Marine Lifejacket (Marine Child Lifejacket), suitable for life-saving use of various types of personnel in coastal and inland rivers, life jackets with buoyancy greater than 113N The buoyancy loss of life jackets after immersion in water for 24 hours shall be less than 5% . Life Jacket Buoyancy Material: Polyethylene Foam. The new type of marine life jacket is a new type of life jacket designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of IMO MSC207(81) and MSC200(80). This code was implemented on July 1, 2010.

2. Marine work life jacket (Marine work Lifejacket), suitable for all types of personnel working along the coast and rivers. The buoyancy of the lifejacket is greater than 75N. After the lifejacket is soaked in water for 24 hours, the buoyancy loss of the lifejacket should be less than 5%.

3. Leisure life jackets: There are also water sports life jackets (Water Sports Lifejacket), fabrics with neoprene rubber composite materials, a variety of color matching, stylish appearance. Mainly suitable for water play, learning to swim, drifting, fishing and other life-saving protection.

Generally used are marine life jackets. Its internal use of EVA foam material

, After compression 3D three-dimensional molding, its thickness is about 4 cm (domestic production is 5-6 thin hair material, thickness of about 5-7 cm). Lifejackets produced in accordance with the standard specifications have their buoyancy standards: 7.5 kg/24 hours for adults, and 5 kg/24 hours for children, so as to ensure that they rise above the chest.

How to use: Put the life jacket whistle bag outwards on the body; Pull the zipper tightly, tighten the front collar with both hands, and tie the neck strap; tie down the front strap and tie it tightly; prison.

Use color: bright colors in the life jacket or colors with fluorescent components will stimulate the optic nerve. May be related to the wavelength of this color, is that people's eyes are very easy to accept and not easily confused by other colors. This will be more conspicuous. If you accidentally wear a life jacket in this way, it is easy to be discovered and you can implement the rescue as soon as possible.