Rolled Arm and Leg Splint

Rolled Arm and Leg Splint

Splint Splint Description The A&Z Splint is made of aluminum plate, sandwiched by two pieces of closed-cell foam. Based on a principle: curves are strong, it can be strong enough to splint any part of fractured and injured limbs if you make some proper curves. Features Soft and comfortable...

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Splint Description 

The A&Z splint is made of aluminum and sandwiched between two closed cell foams. When bent into a simple curve, the splint is very flexible. It becomes firm and supportive for any fractured or injured limb. The splint is very malleable and soft and can be cut with ordinary scissors. The color of the bubble is colorful. Based on one principle: the curve is strong, and if you make some suitable curves, it can be strong enough to grip any part of the broken and injured limbs.


1.Soft and comfortable

2.Pliable, can be fit for any limbs

3.Rigid when bended to curves

4.Cut easily


6.Easily rolled or folded for storage

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