Automatic Loading Ambulance Stretcher

Detailed Product Description: This automatic loading stretcher is improved model of YXH-3B Model,it's fully automatic one. The main material is high-strength aluminum alloy hick-wall pipes which is hardened and surface treated. The folding mechanism of the leg part can be controlled by the...

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Product Details

Detailed Product Description:

This automatic loading stretcher is an improved version of the YXH-3B model, which is fully automatic.

The main material is a high-strength aluminum alloy hick wall tube that has been hardened and surface treated. It is light in weight, safe to use and easy to sterilize.

The folding mechanism of the legs can be controlled by the handles on both sides. Moreover, this ambulance stretcher is very convenient, and a medical staff is enough to send the patient (with a stretcher) to the ambulance.

When on an ambulance, the stretcher can also be locked by a fixture. When loaded into the vehicle, the legs can be automatically folded under the stretcher.

The surface of the ambulance stretcher consists of a foam pad and an adjustable back that gives the casualty a feeling of comfort. 

Model High Position(L*W*H)Low Position(L*W*H) Maximum AnglePacking Size(1pcs)LoadingBearingN.W  G.W 


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