Scoop Stretcher Transport Patient for Military

Scoop Stretcher Transport Patient for Military

Detailed Product Description: *Adopts separable rigid structure. Used to transport fractures and severe wounded. *There are clutch means on both ends which can separate the stretcher into left and right two parts. *The stretcher can immobilize the wounded without moving them, preventing further...

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Product Details

Detailed Product Description:

*Adopts a separable rigid structure, often used in hospitals, stadiums, ambulances and the army to carry patients and wounded.

* There are clutch devices at both ends, which can divide the stretcher into two parts, side lock button is easy open to quickly and easily disassemble either or both ends of the stretcher to divide it into two parts.

* Stretcher can fix the wounded without moving the injured person  to minimize the risk of further injury by quickly smashing the wounded into the stretcher or removing the stretcher from the injured back.

*The length of the stretcher can be adjusted according to the height of the injured.

*A narrow ankle end frame for operation in a narrow area.

*The rear end of the stretcher adopts a narrow frame structure, which is light in weight, small in size and convenient to carry.

* Good reputation, reliable quality and service.

* Easy to use and sterilized, ideal for operators.



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