X-ray Plastic Scoop Stretcher

X-ray Plastic Scoop Stretcher

·Detailed Product Description for Scoop Stretcher : *Adopts separable rigid structure. Used to transport fractures and severe wounded. *There are clutch means on both ends which can separate the stretcher into left and right two parts. *The stretcher can immobilize the wounded without moving...

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Product Details


* Stretcher can be folded 

* Use for kinds of rescue

* High quality aluminum and fabric material


* Material: Polymer material is easy to clean, and X-ray translucent is allowed.

* It's a separable emergency stretcher for ambulance to transfer fractured & serious patients.

* At both ends of the stretcher, a hinged separate and joined arrangement is set in the middle, which can separate the stretcher into two parts.

* The stretcher could strengthen the patients at the original  place which could reduce the further injury to the patients.

* The patient can be quickly & easily put in the stretcher and also the stretcher can be taken out from the back of patient without moving the patient.

* The length of the stretcher can be adjusted according to the patient's body.

* The foot-end is designed as a narrow-frame structure.

* It's mainly used for hospitals, sports, ambulance to transfer patients and wounded person.


Product Size

Folded Size

Packing Size (1pcs)

Load Bearing

N.W (1pcs)



159.5*45*7 cm

116*45*7 cm





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