Helicopter Plastic Spine Board with Straps

YXH-1 A6A Spine board This spine board with safe belts is made of PE material with no discharge contaminator, and firmness to wear. This plastic spine board provided by our company also can be used as a floatable device. The structure is allowed X-rays because of its completely translucent. It...

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YXH-1A6A  Spine board

*This seat belt with spine is made of PE material, free from pollutants, and is durable, anti-aging, and easy to store with lightweight .

*The plastic spine provided by our company can also be used as a floating device, compatibling with most head fixtures, seat belts and belts.

*The displacement is large. It can float an adult in the normal temperature water, which greatly reduces the difficulty of rescuers on the water, and is convenient for rescuing the wounded faster.

*A uniform handle on the periphery can be raised and carried by many people at the same time.Hard structure to proceed CPR and heart press rescue in the process of transshipment.

*X-rays can penetrate well and facilitate the inspection of the wounded because it is completely translucent so as to minimize the pain caused to the patient during the handling process.

*It is mainly used in hospitals, sports, ambulances and outdoor carrying patients and those who were seriously injured  unable to move.


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