Mobile Universal Suction Apparatus

Mobile Universal Suction Apparatus

YXH-9EB Universal Suction Detailed Description of Mobile Universal Suction Apparatus: Adopting oil-free piston pump Clean-without pollution of oil and smoke Convenient-no need add oil to maintain daily Safe-no plus pressure during using No regorging-keep pressure when the machine stops, so the...

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Product Details

YXH-9EB  Universal Suction

It is a high vacuum, large flow, AC drive and movable medical suction equipment, intended for extracting secretion from patient's airway or exudation and flushing fluid from body cavity during operation in medical institution.(Not apply to induced abortion operation.)


* Adopt oil-impregnated vanes pump, high flow rate, efficient and durable.

* No oil lubrication, no pollution and long service life

* One-way valve prevents positive pressure from entering into the work system.

* Overflow protection device prevents liquid from entering into the inner pipe.

* Stepless vacuum regulation is available based on the viscosity of sputum and mucus.

* Hand switch and foot switch installed in parallel, can be selected at will.

* Newly designed novel appearance with optimum height, easy to observe and exam from different position.

* It adopts all-plastic panel design, fashionable, easy to carry and low noise.

* It can be widely used in surgery requiring absorption

Specification of Mobile Universal Suction Apparatus:

* Max negative pressure: ≥0.09MPa

* Noise: ≤70dB (A)    Power: 120 A

* Pumping rate: ≥20L/min

* Jug capacity: 2500 ml/pc, 2 pieces  

* Continuous Working Time: 0-30 min

* Rest Time≧ 30min

* Bottle volume: 2500 ml, 2 pcs

* Accessory: pedal switch (1pc), power switch(1pc), filter(2 pcs), suction pipe(1pc,2m in length, silica gel), celiac suction pipe(1pc, 24cm in length, plastic)

Net Weight: 16KGS (1pc)                  Gross Weight:18.5KGS (1pc)

Packing: 1 pc/carton                         Box Size: 47.5*41.5*92.5cm (1pc)

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